Batman: Tom King Promises to Change the Dark Knight "For a Generation"

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With Batman #71 set to hit comic shops this Wednesday, writer Tom King is preparing to enter the home stretch of his 100+ issue run on the comic. King promises that as his run on Batman comes closer and closer to its conclusion, he will be taking the Dark Knight in a new direction that could potentially redefine the character for years to come.

While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, King explained that his ideas for Batman will dramatically change the iconic DC hero.

"I've been talking to, not just DC, but Warner Bros. and AT&T," King said. "What we're going to do for the last 15 issues is something no one's ever seen for the character. It's something that's going to change the character for a generation, or maybe more. Maybe forever."

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While King didn't offer any clues as to what that change could be, King admitted that he was surprised that he was allowed to tell this story.

"I never thought we'd get this kind of stuff approved," he said. "When you're working with a corporate character, you think you're going to have to reset. But this is a change that's going to shake the world of Batman and it's going to leave my mark on the character."

These 15 issues will seemingly mark the crescendo of King's deconstruction of the Dark Knight after the upcoming "City of Bane" storyline, which promises to delve into an uncharacteristically vulnerable Batman after being left at the altar by Catwoman in the controversial Batman #50. As King explained, "City of Bane" is set to begin in July with Batman #75 and the story and its aftermath are set to span 13 issues.

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"If you’ve been reading Batman all this time, God bless you, but I’ve been torturing you for the last six months to a year, King said, "We’ve reached the low point, now it’s time for Batman to come back and show you why he’s Batman. Maybe that won’t be in the traditional way, but it’ll show you why Batman matters."

While Tony Daniel will draw "City of Bane," Mikel Janin, Jorge Fornes and Clay Mann will respectively join King as his run nears its end.

Of course, before "City of Bane" sets King's endgame into motion, there is still the matter of the "Fall and the Fallen" story arc, which began in Batman #70 and continues in the aforementioned issue #71.

Written by Tom King with art by Mikel Janin, Batman #71 goes on sale May 15 from DC Comics.

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