Tom King Teases Catwoman and a 'Huge Event' in 'Essential' Batman #75

Batman Tony Daniel

Tom King has been writing Batman since the beginning of DC Rebirth, and his run has taken the character to new highs and lows as he's tried to come to terms with the various traumas of his life. With his run expected to run for over 100 issues total, King has begun teasing just how important Batman #75 will be towards the overall story that he's been telling.

King revealed more details about the upcoming issue and it's affect on the future of Batman on Twitter. As King revealed, the milestone issue will feature artwork by his frequent collaborator Tony Daniel and will be oversized. King's comments also suggested that the landmark issue could mark the first time Catwoman has met face-to-face with Batman since she left the Dark Knight at the altar in Batman #50.

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While Catwoman called off her impending wedding to Bruce Wayne to ensure that he would keep on being Batman, she also inadvertently played into Bane's plans to break Batman's spirit. Since this upcoming issue apparently marks the beginning of the end of King's lengthy run, it could giveSelina and Bruce another chance at a happy ending together.

King also teased that the issue will be the first part of a major event while also serving as "an essential part of the culmination of DCU stories." Previously, King teased that Batman #75 was "a huge Bat event with a secret name that sets us up for the end at [Batman #]105."

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Between those two teases, Batman #75 is quickly shaping up to be one of the most pivotal turning points of King's seminal run as Batman's writer.

In the meantime, the next part of King's Batman run, Batman #67, by Tom King and Lee Weeks, is set to be released this Wednesday.

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