Tom King Assures, He's Still Writing His 100-Issue Batman Story

Batman: Cold Days

Tom King has confirmed he’s still working on his planned 100-plus issue Batman run.

DC's solicitations for Batman #64-65 list Josh Williamson, rather than King, as the writer. But King clarified on Twitter that his work on unnamed television project pulled him away from the series.

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The two issues will be a crossover with The Flash, dealing with the aftermath of Heroes in Crisis. While there is no confirmation which television project King is working on, he did recently sell the rights to States of America, which will be adapted as an hour-long drama.

King said the two issues will not detract from his overarching Batman magnum opus, which he has promised will run for 100 issues. He also tweeted that the “ending” of his story will still be in Batman #100, but that he will now write two additional issues to serve as an epilogue.

King’s run on Batman is a little more than halfway finished. Batman has been driven to the edge by the machinations of Bane, who has recruited many villains to help bring down the Bat once and for all. The most recent attack left Nightwing without any memory of his previous life.

Batman #64 and #65 are scheduled to be released in February 2019 from DC.

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