Tom King 'Spoils' Future Batman Issues With Action Figures

batman 50

Writer Tom King occasionally enjoys teasing fans about upcoming stories, and Batman #50 is no exception. With many readers undoubtedly curious how the wedding of Batman and Catwoman will play out, King offers some clues using Batman: The Animated Series action figures.

The first photo depicts a Batman figure standing alongside Catwoman, possibly representing the happy couple walking down the aisle on their big day. The second shows Batman with his arms up, standing over a fallen Mr. Freeze, with an unknown figure (with gray boots and wings, perhaps Hawkman or Hawkgirl?) in the upper right-hand corner, apparently fallen as well.

The third has a Booster Gold figure standing between Batman and Catwoman, perhaps even holding back Selina. With Booster appearing in this week's Batman #46, it could possibly explain his presence at the wedding.

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The fourth and final picture comes as no surprise: The Joker has joined the party, and is “fighting” the Caped Crusader. DC Nation #0 is out Wednesday, with a story written by King and drawn by Clay Mann focused on the Clown Prince of Crime's reaction to Batman and Catwoman's marriage plans.

We won’t know what the future holds for Bruce and Selina’s wedding day, revealed July 4 in Batman #50, but the creative team sure seems to enjoy building up our expectations.

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