Tom King Reveals Second New Gods Teaser Image

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"Batman" scribe Tom King is at it again. The comic book writer today posted another teaser image to his Twitter account; thankfully, this one is a little less ambiguous, as it clearly depicts the face of Orion, the DC Comics New God superhero.

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Yesterday’s tease understandably frustrated fans when King posted an illustration of two characters holding hands. Astute readers seemingly pieced together the clues -- little that there were -- to connect the hand-holding duo to the potential return of Big Barda and Mister Miracle, the super-powered New Gods husband and wife team.

Now, with the very opaque reveal of Orion’s face, it seems all the more likely that King is working on some fresh take for the New Gods, the alien race first introduced to the DC Comics universe in 1971 by Jack Kirby with "The New Gods" #1. King has appended literary quotes to both tweets. A Thomas Wolfe quote accompanied the hand-holding image the other day. Today, it’s Sylvia Plath.

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Both quotes speak of things larger than life, and perhaps even the human experience. This would certainly be in keeping with the New Gods, who count the likes of Darkseid and Highfather among their ranks.

King has already announced he is working on a new project for DC Comics with his “Sheriff of Babylon” co-creator Mitch Gerads that is due out in August. Could this be Gerads' work, and will we see the two team up again this summer for a go at the New Gods? Hopefully an official announcement is close at hand.

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