Tom King Announces the Return of Batman's Hush-Era Costume


Superman's not the only hero to look to the past in recent months for his current approach to fashion; Batman will be joining his super friend in returning to a classic look, one that also involves wearing his trunks on the outside of his costume.

During DC Comics' Batman Family panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, writer Tom King briefly explained that the Dark Knight will be returning to his vintage Hush costume because he "no longer wants to wear the costume [he] wore when he was with Catwoman."

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Tony S. Daniels' take on Batman's classic suit

Like Superman, Batman saw his look change dramatically, along with much of DC Comics history, with the dawn of the New 52 in 2011. While fans were more accepting of Batman's changes than they were the Man of Steel's, there has always been a contingent that hoped the Caped Crusader would revert to a more classic look.

Recently, fans got their wish in Doomsday Clock, a series set roughly one year in the future of the DC Universe. At the point in time where Batman is dealing with characters from the Watchmen Universe invading his, and superhero trust is at an all-time low with the public, he's wearing a costume even older than the one he sported in Hush, one with the classic yellow oval surrounding the bat symbol on his chest.

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Why he ends up in that costume remains to be revealed, but King's reasoning for Batman's first step "backward," costume-wise, makes sense. After all, being stood up on your wedding day will change a guy, and is the sort of thing that one might imagine could lead to further changes, both inside and out.

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