Tom King Promises Wally West Is Primed For Big Things After Heroes In Crisis

This week sees the release of Heroes In Crisis' final issue, perhaps the most talked about and divisive DC Comics event in years. And while readers picking up the book are just finding out what the fate of unmasked killer Wally West will be, the writer behind it all promises that the popular Flash's story is far from over.

Tom King spoke with CBR earlier this month about the fallout from Heroes In Crisis #9, and while this event wasn't the cosmic, reality-altering kind of story some other DC Crises have been, he still wanted to end the story with a launching pad for the hero he's revived and run through the worst trauma in years.

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"There's a big takeaway, and this is the goal of the whole thing," King said of the popular hero. "We took this character that I love -- my first introduction to DC Comics was Wally West. He's my favorite Flash, and he's really the Peter Parker of the DCU. He's our every man. And for over ten years he's not had his own book and has been at the periphery of things. Basically, since before the New 52, he's been gone. This story puts Wally back at the center of the DC Universe, where he belongs.

"I think that is part of what the takeaway is. It's my job to pull that off and make people ask 'What happens to Wally next? Where does he go from here?'"

It's ironic that West is the character King and company landed on to tell this story considering that the writer also had a hand in a massive status quo change for Wally's best friend, Dick Grayson. But King noted that his love for the heroes is what guides them in his scripts, and that even when he doesn't write them, their position in the DC line is unbreakable.

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"I think [Wally's] in a place to be launched into something huge, which is worthy of him. I think that's good. I think the same for Dick," the writer said. "Dick Grayson, to me, is the fourth pillar of the DCU. No one can kill him. You can only injure him until he comes back, which I think is cool. I don't feel like I changed him in that way. But what happens in that book is not for me to say. Nightwing is their book, not mine. And that's fine."

Heroes in Crisis #9, by Tom King, Clay Mann, Tomeu Morey and Clayton Cowles, is on sale now.

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