EXCLUSIVE: Tom King's Next Major Batman Moment Is The Reunion With Catwoman

I'm guessing that one of the hardest scenes to write in the whole series is when you put Batman and Catwoman on the page again for the first time since she bailed on him. Have you been planning on how that plays out?

Yes. And I've talked to Joelle Jones about it, who's writing the Catwoman series. This has been planned for so long, and so Joelle and I have been working to that moment. It's part of how she's building her story, and it's part of how I'm building mine. We're building them together, so that when they meet together, that's going to be one of the marks of the entire run – just like the moment where they were engaged was a mark of the run or the moment they were left on the rooftops. That's going to be a pinnacle and hopefully a moment that I write well and people talk about.

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So we had Dan DiDio in for an interview the other day...

Can I talk about Dan DiDio for a second? When I first broke into comics and got to DC, he had a horrible rep. He had quit Twitter and all that stuff, and I was looking at him kind of like, "When will I meet the monster?" But actually meeting him and working with him these past years, he's not at all a monster. He's one of the best lovers of comics and one of the people who's working as hard as possible to save this medium – not only to see that it continues but to help the creators behind it.

It's not just this generation of creators but the generations that came before us. Len Wein, who sadly passed away last year...it was Dan who was taking care of him in the end by making sure he got work and making sure he got invited to places. Dan doesn't talk about any of this stuff, but he takes care of the old creators as much as he takes care of the young ones. He hides that stuff. Dan is one of the great cheerleaders of the medium, and I don't think he gets enough credit for it.

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