EXCLUSIVE: Tom King's Next Major Batman Moment Is The Reunion With Catwoman

It was the wedding, or the lack of one, seen around the world. And plenty of fans weren't happy with the way they saw it.

This summer's Batman #50 promised the marriage of Batman and Catwoman, but while the issue did celebrate the storied couple, it also had its twist ending spoiled when The New York Times revealed that the feline burglar left the Dark Knight hanging. For Batman writer Tom King, the experience was bittersweet, but he continues to promise readers that the event was only the turning point in his 100-issue epic story.

CBR caught up with King at Comic-Con International in San Diego where the writer spent time praising his collaborators, explaining his overarching plan and revealing that the next major moment in his story will be the reunion of the two lovers in a crossover with DC's new Catwoman ongoing. Read on for the details and see the entire video below.

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CBR: We talked at C2E2 about the incoming Batman wedding, and you had said it's impossible for Batman to be happy. And now with the reveal of Bane in your run, it's really the beginning of an all-new story of misery for Batman. Where do you see it going next?

Tom King: Fortunately -- or unfortunately -- I come from a world of novels, and I see stories as needing some kind of unifying themes and unifying elements. And that goes for my 12-issue series, and it goes for my Batman, which is a 100-issue series. At the end, I want it to feel like one story. I want it to be one exploration of Batman with one huge villain and one huge theme. The huge villain – as revealed in issue #50 – is Bane. And the huge theme is Batman, Catwoman and their love. We're exploring that. And when you explore a theme, you explore all aspects of it, and one of the aspects of love is loss.

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We're at that point in the story where the Nazis just took the Ark, and Indy is snuck with the snakes. Or we're at the point in the story where Han just pulled a gun and Vader pulled it out of his hands, and he's being walked out of the room. That's painful. That jerks at your heart. The whole reason you came here is to be invested in this story, and because you're invested in it, you can feel the pain of the characters. If I did my job right, you're seeing this through the eyes of Batman. You've pulled that cowl on, and Batman is in pain, and you as a reader are feeling that pain. That's terrible, but that's part of the journey. That's part of the journey of "Can you be happy?" I don't know about you, but when I found happiness, it wasn't, "Oh, I've found joy and now everything is going to be happy." [Laughs] It was, "I found joy, but here's another obstacle. Can I find it again?"

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