Tom King Teases Mystery Comics Project

Though Tom King's plate is pretty full with the twice-monthly Batman, Mister Miracle and the second volume of Vertigo's Sheriff of Babylon, that hasn't stopped him from teasing his next project. On Twitter, the DC Comics scribe offered a look at a black-and-white page from his upcoming comic.

"Sneak peek at a new (secret) thing," King captioned the image, which shows a five-panel page of a severed hand slowly engulfed in flames. The background appears to be a barren wasteland, with clouds in the far distance. Two unintelligible structures rest on either side of the hand. Aside from these observances, not much else can be taken away from the artwork, except that it looks like the handiwork of DC artist Jason Fabok.

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About an hour later, Fabok tweeted a teaser for his own "secret project with a secret writer." Whatever the project is, it certainly involves a lot of snow, at least according to the caption.

Looking at both pages, it's possible the ground in King's tweeted image is actually snow, which would sync it up with Fabok's reveal. Both individuals are high-profile creators for DC Comics, so there are a number of different projects the two could collaborate on. However, neither writer nor artist have offered any additional details about their projects and they have not confirmed that they are, indeed, working together.

Batman #32 from writer Tom King and artist Mikel Janin goes on sale October 4, while Mister Miracle from King and artist Mitch Gerads will be released the following week on October 11.

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