Tom King Teases the Start of His Follow-Up to Mister Miracle, Vision

Tom King is the writer behind two of the most critically acclaimed titles in mainstream comics, Vision and Mister Miracle. King even won an Eisner for Best Writer in 2018, in part to his work on the latter. Now, the current Batman scribe is teasing his next miniseries.

On Twitter, King revealed he's currently working on the follow-up to those titles, stating it's "another 12 issue mini with a lot of ambition. I'm scared, but man I'm having fun."

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Vision, featuring art by Gabriel Hernández Walta, began in 2016 and centered on the synthezoid Avenger (literally) building a family for himself and trying to live a quiet life in the suburbs with them. Mister Miracle, which began in 2017 and ran through 2018, featured art by frequent King collaborator Mitch Gerads. That book similarly focused on family, framing the endless war between New Genesis and Apokolips against the birth of Mister Miracle and Big Barda's son Jacob.

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King has given no indication as to which company the new title will be for, let alone what character it'll center on. Nevertheless, given the pedigree of the former two, expectations are high.

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