Tom King Explains Why Heroes In Crisis Has Expanded to 9 Issues

Writer Tom King has explained why Heroes in Crisis has expanded to nine issues instead of the original seven.

"Getting this question a lot," King wrote on Twitter. "What happened is that we were going to do 7 issues of HiC and 2 HiC 'specials,' and instead we (I) decided it would work better if we incorporated the specials into the numbering. So 7 and 2 became 9. Not a big deal or change in anything story wise."

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Heroes in Crisis will focus on a murder mystery at the Sanctuary hospital, which King first established in Batman #41-43, after Poison Ivy took over the minds of every person on Earth, except for Batman and Catwoman. Sanctuary is a place for superheroes to recuperate from post-traumatic stress brought on by the violence that defines their jobs. Booster Gold and Harley Quinn will be the prime suspects.

On sale Sept. 26, Heroes in Crisis #1 is written by Tom King, with art and cover by Clay Mann. J.G. Jones, Mark Brooks and Francesco Mattina all provide variant covers for the issue. A blank variant cover will also be available.

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