Tom King Provides Humorous Cover Art for Heroes in Crisis #9

Editor's Note: Tom King has responded to CBR's article to confirm this is not the final cover for Heroes in Crisis #9. 

With Heroes in Crisis nearing its halfway point following the release of issue #4, series writer Tom King has revealed the cover for the book's final issue. And one of the cover artists for Heroes in Crisis #9 is one of the last people anyone would expect: King himself.

The cover in question, with King's caption, "Coming up in Heroes in Crisis. Art by @TomKingTK and @tomeu_morey" features a stick figure drawing of Batman with a word bubble reading, "You're crazy," drawn on a discarded piece of blood-stained paper. The Batman drawing appears to have been done by King, whereas the rest of the piece was presumably taken care of by Tomeu Morey.

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In addition to being well-known for his work as a writer on Batman and the massively-successful Mister Miracle, King has also gained a reputation for his comically crude stick figure drawings of superheroes. Several of these "Tom King Originals" have been posted to social media, many of which King has signed with, "I'm sorry."

Given Heroes in Crisis' running theme of mental instability and cryptic clues, however, it appears that the writer finally found a way to integrate his artistic touch into an official DC release.

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Heroes in Crisis #9, the final issue of the series, is currently slated to be released in May. Issue #5 hits comic shops on Jan. 30, followed by Issue #6 on Feb. 27 and Issue #7 on March 27.

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