Tom King Continues His Tradition of 'Defacing' Comic Covers at SDCC

tom king

Current Batman writer Tom King is by no means an artist, and he'll be the first to tell you. Nevertheless, that hasn't stopped him from giving his fans what they want, which is apparently... his art.

On Twitter, King posted several photos from Comic-Con International in San Diego of what's become something of a running gag ever since the release of Batman/Elmer Fudd #1, by him and artist Lee Weeks. However, rather than just adding his own flair to Weeks' cover art, some fans have gone as far as to ask King to not only provide full-fledged sketch covers but full-sized comic book page sketches, which King reluctantly agreed to.

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Of course, these photos are far more enjoyable than what King posted early today from SDCC. Due to death threats the writer has received as a result of the divisive 50th issue of Batman, in which Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle were supposed to tie the knot, King was assigned a bodyguard for the entirety of the convention. “Because of the Batman 50 death threats they got me a bodyguard for the Con," King tweeted. "This is David. He is presumably already very bored with endless looking for toys. For my uh kids.”

DC spilled the big wedding reveal days before the issue’s release in an article at the New York Times, which left many fans upset at the outlet spoiling the surprise in its headline, to other fans disappointed in yet another comic book swerve of a story arc. However, King would confirm Batman #50 is only the halfway point in his expansive story while teasing big things for Batman #100.

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