Tom King Summarizes His Batman Run (So Far) in a Single Tweet

Tom King’s Batman run so far has been complex, both in terms of plot and the exploration of the characters’ internal states and motivations. But King has summed it up pretty succinctly in a tweet he posted in response to a fan.

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In the tweet, which is accompanied by a screenshot of his earlier reply to a fan who had tweeted questions about the comics, King says:

“I wrote up a quick Batman update summary for a kind, maybe lost fan," said King. "Seemed to help. Thought I’d post it for any other kind, maybe lost fans.

"This is a long story being told in lots of ways by lots of artists; I begrudge no one for saying, ‘what the hell is going on!?’”

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That fan, @TheCaseyJones, had tweeted in part, “I need to know [if] this is going to start making sense soon,” in reference to King’s storyline. King’s response reads:

“Thanks! Batman is sad cause Selina, with a push from Bane, left him at the alter. Bane is trying to make him even more sad in order to break him. As part of this plan he’s subjecting Batman to a series of nightmares. Hope that helps! And thanks!”

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That certainly gets right to the point!

Batman #68, by Tom King and Amanda Connor, is available in stores now.

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