Batman: Fan Videos Give Tom King's Run Cartoon-Style Intros

For an entire generation of fans, Batman: The Animated Series is arguably the single most influential version of the Batman mythos ever created. The series won Emmys and served as the foundation for the entire DC Animated Universe. Now, one fan is imaging if the series had continued on and adaptedg current stories.

Fan artist Rick Celis posted two short fan animations to Twitter, featuring new title cards for episodes based on stories from the Tom King run on Batman. The first fan art represents an adaptation of "The Brave And The Mold", a single-issue story by King and Mitch Gerads in Batman #23, where Batman teamed up with Swamp Thing to help solve the mystery of Swamp Thing's father being murdered.

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The second title card suggests an adaptation of the much longer "War Of Jokes And Riddles", which ran for eight issues from Batman #25 to Batman #32. This story, by King, Mikel Janin, Danny Miki and Clay Mann, focused on a supervillain civil war between the Joker and the Riddler that eventually tangles in seemingly every villain in Gotham City.

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No one seems more excited about these fan tributes than Tom King himself, who shared the videos via his personal Twitter page and posting "this is awesome".

King's Batman run will continue in Batman #68, with art from Amanda Conner, which is set to be released on Apr. 10 by DC Comics.

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