Tom King Promises, Nobody Has Spoiled the End of His Batman/Catwoman Story

WARNING: The article DOES NOT contain spoilers for Batman #50, which will be available in comic book shops on July 4.

Batman writer Tom King might be understandably “pissed” that the ending to Batman #50 was spoiled in a recent New York Times headline, but the author isn’t as phased as you might think. That’s because, according to King himself, Batman #50 is just the start of Batman and Catwoman’s love story.

King revealed as much in a Twitter post in which he claimed that Batman #50 is just a piece of a 100-issue tale all about the epic love story between Batman and Catwoman. King also included some fabulous art featuring the two characters alongside his post.

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Batman #50 recently became the source of much controversy when a New York Times article spoiled the results of Batman and Catwoman’s much-anticipated wedding. King later admitted that he was both “pissed” and “excited” about the spoiler getting into the wild. The Times writer who penned the spoiler has since revealed exactly how it came to be published so widely.

In stores on July 4, Batman #50 is written by Tom King with art by Joëlle Jones, David Finch, Mikel Janin, Various, Lee Bermejo, Frank Miller, José Luis García-López, Ty Templeton, Becky Cloonan, Andy Kubert, Neal Adams, Rafael Albuquerque and Mitch Gerads. Mikel Janin made the issue’s cover. Scott Williams, Jim Lee and Olivier Coipel illustrated the issue’s variant covers.

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