Tom King Unveils Batman #75 City of Bane Kickoff Cover Art

Batman writer Tom King today revealed unfinished cover art for the upcoming Batman #75. The issue will kickoff the series' "City of Bane" event, which promises to be the titular villain's latest attempt to really, truly break the Bat.

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Batman readers will no doubt already know the lengths to which Bane has gone to wear the Dark Knight down, all from the shadows. This includes ruining his wedding to Catwoman and having his former sidekick, Dick Grayson, the first Robin, critically injured, resulting in the loss of his memories. Bane has been using some of Batman's fiercest villains as pawns in his plan for the past three years, his involvement in the Dark Knight's travails only just recently having been revealed to the hero.

Batman #75 has long been understood to be a critically important issue for Bruce Wayne, and King's latest tweet promises that it will be the start to an 8-part epic that finally pits the Bat against perhaps his greatest adversary. "The heart of Gotham is broken," teases King. "Now comes the fun."

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Batman #75 goes on sale July 2019. Tom King writes the issue. Tony S. Daniel provides art.

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