Tom Holland is Now Rocking the "Ultimate Spider-Man" Haircut

Tom Holland took to Instagram to show off his new haircut -- and aside from looking like a young Johnny Depp, as he points out -- the future Spider-Man actor bares a close resemblance to Peter Parker in Disney XD's "Ultimate Spider-Man" cartoon.

Hair cut or the Johnny Depp look?

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In addition to the haircut, Holland seems to be working on his physique, likely in preparation for the part, as he's added some considerable muscle since the casting announcement months ago.

Holland is set to appear as the web-slinger in "Captain America: Civil War", which opens May 6, 2016, in the US. After that, he'll be getting a solo "Spider-Man" film in 2017 -- a joint production between Marvel Studios and Sony -- to be directed by Jon Watts ("Cop Car") and written by "Horrible Bosses" scribes John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein.

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