Tom Hiddleston Joins 'Crimson Peak,' Replacing Benedict Cumberbatch

Just two weeks after it was revealed Benedict Cumberbatch had exited Crimson Peak -- although not for Star Wars: Episode VII, it seems -- Variety reports that Tom Hiddleston has stepped in to take his place in Guillermo del Toro's Gothic horror film.

The Thor: The Dark World star joins Hunnam, Jessica Chastain and Mia Wasikowska in the Legendary Pictures feature, which the director has teased is an "adult movie" with "a lot of kinky moments."

Although plot details are scant, Wasikowska is said to play a young author who learns that her new husband is not all that he appears to be. Del Toro has also characterized Crimson Peak as a haunted-house movie set in the north of England.

The film is set to open in April 2015.

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