Tom Hardy <i>Rises</i> As Hugo Strange?

Tom Hardy's involvement in The Dark Knight Rises is all but completely official, with the exact character he's playing in the film still unknown. In assessing his strengths and considering the lineup of characters already involved in Christopher Nolan's Batman universe, the most popular conclusion is that Hardy is occupying a villainous role — but beyond knowing that it's definitely not The Riddler, there's just no telling who he's playing.

But one source has a hunch, as Batman-News cites an anonymous insider in reporting that Hardy is on tap to play Hugo Strange in the third and potentially final installment of Nolan's Batman trilogy. The site notes that this is just a rumor for now, with the confession that they're only "posting this for the sake of discussion since we’ve hit a dry spell with The Dark Knight Rises news" not exactly instilling confidence.

If Hardy is indeed playing Strange — and that is a major, major if at this point — he would star as a psychologist hired by the Gotham City Police Department to use his skills to bring in the Batman. When Strange learns the Caped Crusader's true identity, he keeps the information to himself and uses it to his own advantage later on down the line.

So, while Hardy's casting as Strange is far from official, let's play along for a moment: if, hypothetically, this is the character for Hardy, do you think he's the right actor for the job? Do you like the idea of Hugo Strange appearing in a Batman movie?

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