Tom Hardy as Wolverine? This fan art shows he's perfect for the role

When Hugh Jackman suggested Tom Hardy could succeed him as Wolverine in a big-screen reboot, much of fandom responded with, "Hey, that's actually a pretty good choice." But just in case you're having trouble envisions what the star of Mad Max: Fury Road and Legend might look like in the role, here's a little help.

Melbourne, Australia, digital artist Kode A. (aka BossLogic) has wonderfully captured the shape-shifting actor as Marvel's most marketable mutant, complete with cigar, bushy sideburns and claws. He seems just about perfect for the part.

And heck, considering Hardy's propensity for undergoing significant physical changes for roles (see Bronson, The Dark Knight Rises), he might even be willing to drop a few inches in height, just to please those fans demanding a short Wolverine.

(via GeekTyrant)

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