Tom Hardy Is Al Capone in First Look At Josh Trank's Fonzo

Tom Hardy knows how to span the gamut of characters in a short amount of time. Hardy has already been dominating the film discussion due to his upcoming turn as Venom in Sony's eponymous film. But while he's been transforming into an alien supervillain, he's also become the embodiment of Al Capone for Josh Trank's upcoming film Fonzo.

Trank shared a first look image of Hardy via his Twitter account. The image features Hardy as Capone, one of the biggest mob bosses of the 1920s. Capone was a ruthless criminal who operated bootlegger rings throughout Chicago turning Prohibition. He was eventually arrested for tax evasion in 1931.

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Capone, nicknamed "Fonzo" and "Scarface," was feared in his time, but that's not the era the film will be pulling from. Instead, Fonzo will focus on the years after Capone's incarceration, when the mobster with stricken with dementia, which robbed him of his grip on reality. Hardy is no stranger to playing intensely troubled characters on the big screen, so the film might be one to look out for.

Currently, Fonzo doesn't have a release date set, but you'll be able to see Hardy's upcoming film Venom when it hits theaters Oct. 5.

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