Tom Fowler shows off concepts for <i>Hulk: Season One</i>

Comic artist Tom Fowler is right in the middle of a career renaissance, and he's on his biggest project yet with the upcoming Hulk: Season One. His first major project since getting back in the public eye on Rick Remender's Venom run, Fowler has spent the break before he begins drawing pages for the graphic novel to work up some concept sketches, inspiration and reference for the project. The image above is one he and colorist Jordie Bellaire worked up to get the creative team (and the readers) excited for what's coming. Fowler makes it a point to say that it's not a Marvel-approved image, but something the two artists are aiming toward for the series.

Fowler's also done some sculpted busts of the key characters of the series in order to provide accurate reference when it comes time to draw them from all angles. An example is below, but you can check his blog for more process work from the upcoming graphic novel.

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