Tom Cruise To Star In Movie From <i>Tangled</i> Writer Dan Fogelman

Tangled was the best Disney animated film to be released in years that didn't also have the Pixar logo attached to it. Seriously, you're missing out if you haven't seen it. Dan Fogelman wrote a great remix of the Rapunzel fairy tale, one that, if not for the CG animation, would feel like an authentic classic from the family film-oriented studio's vaults.

Fogelman's next movie, which doesn't have a publicly released title, follows a man who has never made a mistake in his life as he becomes a politician. As reported by The Wrap, his first mistake is an extra-marital affair, and the story unfolds as he deals with the consequences of his actions.

Tom Cruise, who has made a very public mistake or two, is now attached to star in the film, which was picked up by Warner Bros., Deadline reports. There's no director attached yet, nor is there a start date for the production, but it certainly sounds like fun. Cruise has done much in the past few years to restore his image, and this role sounds like a good one for him.

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