Tom Cruise Takes Paycut To Make Mission: Impossible 4

Since it was announced, nay-sayers have been talking about Tom Cruise's involvement in Mission: Impossible 4, and whether or not it'll reflect his somewhat diminished success at the box office. The answer, apparently, is yes.

New York Magazine's Vulture blog reports that Cruise will be taking a hefty paycut in his up-front fee to appear in the movie; originally, it was said that he would only take the Screen Actors Guild minimum, but that was later amended:

According to members of the Cruise camp, Cruise is not receiving "scale" but a substantially reduced upfront payment relative to his previous outings with the M:I films]. He will "get a nice back-end after cash break-even," according to one insider familiar with the situation.


So what does this mean? That Cruise so wants to make this movie that money is no object, that he so needs a hit that he's willing to take a pay cut, or somewhere in between?

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