Tom Cruise Sings -- If We're Lucky

Looks like that career resurgence is coming along just nicely for Tom Cruise: The actor and alter ego of already-annoying agent Les Grossman has been offered a role in the movie adaptation of Broadway musical Rock of Ages. Yes, that means he'd be expected to sing.

Even better, the role is that of a bartender who gets to sing a lot of 1980s hair metal, according to Deadline Hollywood. Cocktail flashbacks, anyone? For that alone - well, okay, that and the fact that, Mission: Impossible aside, Cruise really needs a visible hit - I really hope that he takes the role. If his Grossman character shows anything, it's that he's at the stage where he's okay letting go of his image for the role, and having fun instead; who's to say that he wouldn't do wonderfully in a musical?

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