Tom Cruise Says 'Top Gun 2' Could Be 'Fun,' But Not With CG Jets

Although Tom Cruise doesn't appear to have given much thought to the long-discussed "Top Gun" sequel, the actor admits reprising his role from the 1986 action drama could be "fun."

However, before he'd consider suiting up as Maverick again, he has at least one major stipulation: no computer-generated fighter jets.

"If I can figure it out, if all of us can figure it out, it’d be fun to do," the 53-year-old actor told "Extra" at the premiere of "Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation." "I’d like to fly those jets again, but we got to do all the jets practical, no CGI on the jets. … I’m saying right now no CGI on the jets. If we can figure all that out, and the Department of Defense will allow us to do it, that would be fun.”

Skydance CEO David Ellison confirmed last month that the sequel will feature drone technology, and focus on how the Navy and warfare have changed since the release of the original film. And, yes, the screenplay includes a role for Cruise's character.

“There is an amazing role for Maverick in the movie," Ellison said, "and there is no 'Top Gun' without Maverick.”

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