Tom Cruise Promises <i>MI 5</i>

Even after four turns as Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise isn't opposed to returning to the blockbuster Mission: Impossible franchise. Of course, last year's Ghost Protocol grossed a whopping $694.7 million worldwide, so it should come as no surprise that he's planning a fifth installment.

In a new interview with Total Film, Cruise confirmed Mission: Impossible 5 is in the works. Although he didn't give away a tease of what the plot will be, we should presume Ethan Hunt will head to exotic locations.

“We’re already working on different images," he said. "Talking conceptually. I love traveling around promoting different movies because I’m always looking at different places, and I always walk around to see the city. I look at architecture, subways ... coming up with different sequences.”

Cruise called the experience of having audiences respond to Ghost Protocol "really wonderful," and said he'll keep making movies in the franchise as long as people want them.

"I started Mission: Impossible hoping I could make many of them. It’s a character that I can grow with. At that time it was the most expensive film in the history of Paramount Pictures, and the first film I was producing," he said. "It’s been pretty exciting. I’ll make a bunch of those. I’ll make as many as people want to see ... because they’re very challenging, and so much fun to make."

No word yet on a projected release year, so for now it seems like Jack Reacher is as close to the Mission: Impossible universe as we're going to get. That film comes out Dec. 26.

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