Tom Cruise Movie Posters Reimagined With Howard the Duck

One savvy super-fan has replaced Tom Cruise's most iconic roles with Howard the Duck. With Cruise still being one of the biggest names in Hollywood, the posters show what could be some of the biggest blockbusters on Duckworld.

Long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe ruled the global box office, the maligned mallard starred in his own movie in 1986. Howard the Duck isn't exactly remembered fondly, although star Lea Thompson pitched her own Howard the Duck revival for the MCU.

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Flyover State of Film podcaster Joe Chencharik came up with the idea when co-host TJ Dex explained his dislike for Cruise. Using his artistic skills and some imagination, Chencharik shared a series of reimagined Cruise posters via his Twitter.

From Cocktail to Jerry Maguire and from Top Gun to Mission: Impossible, Chencharik gives fans a tour of Cruise's impressive filmography, only with Howard as his replacement. The posters get most of the greats, but surely someone will be asking, where is 2017's The Mummy?

Howard the Ducked popped up in the MCU (voiced by Seth Green) in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and he even appeared in an early draft of Avengers: Infinity War.

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The rumors of Cruise playing Hal Jordan, aka Green Lantern, in the DC Extended Universe have risen once again, so maybe Chencharik can whip up an image of Howard hopping over from Marvel to its biggest rival.

Even if Howard the Duck never rejoins the MCU in his own standalone, at least fans can carry on imagining an alternate reality where the daring duck stars in Interview with the Vampire.

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