Tom Brevoort's Twitter Trash Talk

Thank heaven for Marvel's delightfully candid Executive Editor Tom Brevoort. On slow news days like this frigid December Friday, what would we comics bloggers do without him? Brevoort once again took to his Twitter account yesterday to call 'em like he sees 'em about DC's week-long wave of big, news-dominating announcements:

Nice to see DC showing some signs of life with all of their announcements. Competition is the lifeblood of the industry. Like any other pundit, I have opinions on what they're doing, but it's nice to see them trying stuff. Blackest Night won't go on forever. And, honestly, it's not much of a win if the other team doesn't show up for the game, or sleepwalks through it. I'll happily put our best efforts up against anybody else's, win, lose or draw. And feel confident in a win most of the time. Also: Superman appearing in Superman comics? Genius!

He later responded to a request for comment on Batman: R.I.P. and subsequent storylines with the following:

I thought they botched the death, between RIP and Final Crisis. But I'm interested in anything Grant [Morrison] writes. Also, they've now got four issues of [Captain America:] Reborn they can look at when it's time to bring him back. Expect Who Will Wear The Ears next[.]

And he joined a reader's attempts to predict the follow-up to Blackest Night:

I'll call it right now. Next big Green Lantern story: "Let Those Who Worship!"

Meanwhile, Brevoort talked up his own titles with this glimpse into the behind-the-scenes doings regarding the Avengers franchise:

Avengers post-Siege plans are now locked and loaded. Tore apart a great plan to make it even better and stronger. Killer line-up of stuff.

Now, I don't think it's being overly charitable to say that most if not all of the above was in good fun. Brevoort sums it up thusly:

Oh, I'll sling mud (or at least talk trash) with the best of 'em. But a competitive marketplace is good for everybody.

And a competitive editor is good for bloggers!

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