Tom Brevoort on Marvel vs. DC

"Well, I've proved that talking smack on Twitter gets you press," tweeted Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort on Friday. And indeed, Brevoort's Twitter account and blog have proven so juicy of late -- witness his wager on whether Marvel's upcoming Siege event will wrap up before DC Comics' current Blackest Night crossover -- that I'm thinking about awarding him an honorary Robot 6 membership.

Brevoort was in unusually fine form Friday night, though, even by his own standard of dishing (and taking) criticism. In a series of tweets regarding DC's capture of the top six sales slots for October, Brevoort wrote:

I hear tell that folks up at the DC offices have been feeling pretty cocky this past week or so. To which I say ... first off, good for them for having a good month. But also, don't confuse having the top six books with winning the month. We still took both dollars and units. And too, that was in a month where a few of our big books slipped out of the month. I don't think we have to worry at all about January, for instance, where SIEGE #1 is up against a BLACKEST NIGHT skip month. Cold Jan [for] DC. By that same token, enjoy the moment--because all of those books that missed [October] are in the November numbers.

In addition, Brevoort replied to a variety of reader responses to his trash-talk tweets, including an enthusiastic endorsement from Rob Liefeld.

And oh, yeah, he kicked it all off by teasing three major deaths in Siege, "at least one of whom will surprise you." I'd encourage you to follow his Twitter feed yourselves, but as the middleman, I can't very well endorse cutting myself out, can I?

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