Tom Brevoort and Neil Gaiman (and Bill Willingham) talk Marvelman

"I think I just wrote a Robot 6 article," Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said via his Twitter account yesterday evening. Right you are, Tom! This blog's official Top Tweeter of 2009 kept the magic alive yesterday with an impassioned defense of the controversy du jour, Marvel's offer to swap unsold DC comics for a Deadpool variant (more on that later). But perhaps even more notably, he posted some revealing comments about the status of Marvel's recently acquired Marvelman.

Brevoort revealed that he attended a meeting focusing on the legendary revisionist superhero series with Neil Gaiman, successor to the book's prime mover Alan Moore:

On another note, attended a cool Marvelman meeting today where Neil Gaiman told us how his last 2 unfinished storylines will end. Been waitin something like 17 years to find that out!

Brevoort's followers were soon popping the champagne, but the editor was quick to point out that he was not saying Gaiman would necessarily return to finish the stories, and that future plans for the title have yet to be confirmed:

Didn't say that [Gaiman is doing more Marvelman] at all--just that he was at a meeting with us and told us how his original stories were to have ended. Nothing's set in stone yet--this was just a general Marvelman meeting. But very cool to hear about. No, sorry, didn't mean to give that impression [that Gaiman will finish his Marvelman stories]. We're still working Marvelman out. But very cool to hear. [Gaiman] didn't give anything just yet, he just told us how the story he was working on in 1993 would have ended.

Brevoort's tweets prompted an interesting reaction from Fables writer Bill Willingham (no stranger to Internet controversy himself of late) regarding his collaborator on the book, former Marvelman artist Mark Buckingham:

I'm torn...On one hand it will be grand to see more Marvelman. On the other hand, when the new work starts, Fables loses Mark Buckingham for a while.

Willingham was quick to shoot down reader suggestions that this amounted to talent poaching:

No, Marvelman was/is a previous commitment of Bucky's that predates Fables. No talent swiping going on. And just to be clear, I don't believe talent poaching occurs, because it implies these people belong to books and companies. Not the case. Freelancing means just that. Free to go and work where you want. Okay, lecture over. Looking forward to more Marvelman.

Can I get a "so say we all"?

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