Tokyopop Veteran Mike Kiley Promoted To Publisher & EiC

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA (May 2, 2004) TOKYOPOP Inc., the #1 manga publisher outside of Japan, is pleased to announce that company co-founder Mike Kiley has been named Publisher and Editor-In-Chief. Taking the reins from TOKYOPOP CEO and CCO Stuart J. Levy, who will maintain involvement with product development and to whom Kiley will continue to report, Mike is poised to broaden TOKYOPOP's publishing program to create a larger diversity of original and licensed manga, as well as new book-related consumer goods. Using his profound knowledge of the book publishing industry, coupled with his stellar performance at TOKYOPOP, Kiley is primed to champion the company's aesthetic into more areas of the book business than ever before.

"The opportunity to lead TOKYOPOP into the next phase of our Manga Revolution is an honor," said Kiley. "I look forward to this challenge and to the chance to take our publishing program into exciting and innovative new areas."

"I am thrilled to pass the moniker of Publisher and Editor-in-Chief to Mike," said Stu Levy. "With his extensive publishing background, creative talent and love for pop culture, he is the perfect choice for this new role." Adds Levy, "Knowing that Mike will capably carry the TOKYOPOP banner forward into exciting new realms will afford me the opportunity to comfortably shift my focus to Corporate Group Strategy, Strategic Partnerships and Group Finance."

Kiley began his professional career as an academic bookseller at the University of California, Irvine campus store. After a quick rise through the ranks of management, he ultimately became responsible for the operation of an eight-location enterprise. In 1992, Kiley developed and launched the first academic bookstore in cyberspace, an endeavor that served the needs of thousands of customers worldwide. Less than two years later, these operations were migrated onto a site on the World Wide Web. By 1996, Kiley had leveraged his lifelong interest in Japanese culture to develop a new UCI web venture -- the marketing and sale of products related to Japanese animation, pop music and video games. This pioneering effort ultimately grew to become the pre-eminent site of its kind on the net. Joining TOKYOPOP in 1998, Mike founded the company's internet business, a vibrant blend of online commerce, content and community. In recent months, Kiley had been promoted to TOKYOPOP's Editor-in-Chief from his previous role as V.P. of Internet technology, operations and human resources.


As the largest English-language publisher of manga in the world, TOKYOPOP is hailed as a leading youth-oriented entertainment brand. TOKYOPOP's innovative product extensions include its pioneering Cine-Manga® book format, which features colorful flavors of pop culture's hottest films, television shows and music videos. The company has expanded its property reach beyond publishing-TOKYOPOP's television series have been broadcast in the United States on Cartoon Network, Showtime and G4Media, and are released on DVD, with consumer products available at all major retail outlets. The company's global reach has recently expanded to Europe, with new offices in the UK and Germany, in addition to its Los Angeles and Tokyo operations. With nearly 28 million books in print, TOKYOPOP's award-winning catalogue of licensed and original properties features more than 200,000 pages of manga compiled over nearly 1,000 manga volumes. Visit www.TOKYOPOP.com for additional information.

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