TOKYOPOP to Release Special Edition "Finding Nemo" Manga in the US

TOKYOPOP has written and designed a beautiful manga book that follows the story of Pixar's "Finding Nemo." While originally published in Japanese, the manga publisher has created a special edition in English that will be available to purchase in the United States this July.

The special edition features a hardbound cover with original art by UrumaDelvi and 8 bonus Disney and Pixar storybook sketches.

"Finding Nemo" follows the story of Marlin the clown fish, who after fearfully losing his son Nemo to a team of scuba divers, treks the length of the ocean to find him. This film came out in 2003 and was a box office smash for Disney and Pixar. The manga has beautifully recreated that story for readers to enjoy.

TOKYOPOP's "Finding Nemo" manga will be released on July 1, to coincide with Disney's release of "Finding Dory." "Finding Dory" opens in theaters June 17 and is being called "an inspiring message in a colorful adventure."

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