TOKYOPOP Offers Next Free "Takuhai"

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA (August 16, 2005) - TOKYOPOP, the #1 publisher of mangaoutside of Japan, proudly presents the second installment of "Takuhai,"the all new, sizzling hot, free manga magazine. Delivered directly tofans' homes four times a year, "Takuhai" is filled with manga previews andloads of exciting bonus material including creator interviews, editorialpicks, a behind-the-scenes look at making manga, hot fashion, trivia,and much more. "Takuhai's" previews not only focus on manga and editorialnotes from TOKYOPOP's creators, including those discovered through ourRising Stars of Manga competition, but also showcase the hottest mangatitles from around the world.

"Takuhai" represents all that is cool in the manga universe. Its fresh,editorial voice gives casual and hardcore fans the exciting insidescoop about all their favorite titles. The new manga magazine alsoprovides an accessible entry into this thrilling form of entertainmentfor those new to the category.

Wanna do Takuhai? It's easy! Join the Manga Revolution and sign up nowfor free at www.TOKYOPOP.com or visit boothD-6 at Otakon 2005, where computer terminals will be stationed to makesign-up a breeze!

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