Tokyopop announces one new title, stays mum on another

Tokyopop has just announced a new manga license, and another is on the way.

The new announcement, which came on the publisher's Facebook after plenty of teasing on Twitter, is Chibi-Vampire Airmail, a series of short stories about Karin, the main character in Chibi-Vampire. Since Chibi-Vampire has been one of Tokyopop's strongest selling series, it's not surprising that they would grab a followup. The new book is due out Aug. 31.

Meanwhile, earlier this month blogger Lissa Pattillo noted an Amazon listing for the manga Hetalia: Axis Powers. This week I got an e-mail from Amazon suggesting that since I have ordered similar books, I may be interested in ordering Hetalia. That seemed to be pretty definite, but Tokyopop marketing director Marco Pavia declined to confirm it, although he did allow that if Tokyopop were to make such an announcement, it would probably come on their Facebook. Noted. Hetalia: Axis Powers sounds like an interesting book: The characters are all personifications of the different nations, with Italy playing the lead role. As I noted a few weeks ago, there were a lot of Hetalia cosplayers at Anime Boston, so there seems to already be a following.

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