Tokyo Disney plans 'Big Hero 6' ride, 'Beauty and the Beast' area

As we wonder what the future might hold for Marvel characters at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, Tokyo Disneyland and its sister park Tokyo DisneySea have announced five new attractions, including one based on Big Hero 6.

While that may be of most interest to Marvel fans, the biggest news is undoubtedly the Beauty and the Beast-themed area, which Oh My Disney notes will occupy much of Tomorrowland. The area will feature a new shop and restaurant, and a ride in which "guests board enchanted serving dishes that dance in rhythm to the film’s well-known music and follow Belle on a romantic musical adventure inside the enchanted Castle."

The nearby Big Hero 6 attraction, inspired by the 2014 animated hit, will be a musical "whip ride," accompanied by an outer space-themed shop that will sell popcorn in multiple flavors.

The expansion will also see a new, 1,500-seat Fantasyland live theater, and a new greeting facility at the entrance of Toontown. While all of those Tokyo Disneyland attractions are targeted to open in 2020, Tokyo DisneySea will introduce a Soarin' simulator in 2019, allowing guests to experience a journey in a Da Vinci-style flying machine over landscapes of the world.

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