Todd Nauck's Wilguard returns in December with "Wildguard: Fire Power"

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 21 September, 2004 -- The world's only "made for TVsuper-team" makes its much-requested return this December in Todd Nauck'sWILDGUARD: FIRE POWER.

And, in a bit of real life imitating art, creator Nauck himself will beappearing on television in late November, on the PAX game show "On theCover."

In WILDGUARD: CASTING CALL, readers had the opportunity to choose a memberof the team from a large pool of heroes. They chose Freezerburn, who joinedthe four other "winners" from the book: Red Rover, Ignacia, Snapback andLily Hammer. WILDGUARD: FIRE POWER follows the five survivors as theyattempt to prove their worth as heroes, under the leadership ofproducer/superhero/superstar Four.

As you might expect, things don't go as smoothly as planned.

"One of the four pre-selected characters, Ignacia, is a hero with flamebased powers," explains Nauck. "The readers voted in Freezerburn who has iceAND fire powers. So now we have TWO fire powered heroes on a FIVE memberteam. Some say this makes the team unique. Some say it makes one of thecharacters redundant. The scrutiny may prove too much for one character."

WILDGUARD: FIRE POWER also features a back-up story starring the hero whofinished sixth in the original reader voting. In "Where Are They Now?,"Nauck and artists Sean Galloway and Tim Kane follow Little Miss Sunshineback to her Florida hometown as she investigates the disappearances of localcollege students.

As for the creator's own television debut, the Todd Nauck episode of "On theCover," a pop culture game show broadcast weekdays on the PAX network, willair Wednesday, November 24. Naturally, Nauck worked in a plug for WILDGUARDwhile on the show.

"I love pop culture and watching game shows," says Nauck "So getting toparticipate on a new show all about celebrities was right up my alley. Andwhen the host asked about my work in comics, I took this opportunity to pimpWILDGUARD. So tune in on November 24th and catch the fun! Check your locallistings for time and channel..."

Image Executive Director Eric Stephenson thinks WILDGUARD is a good exampleof the new breed of superhero comic that Image is working to bring toreaders.

"I've had the pleasure to watch Todd Nauck develop from his early firststeps on THE NEW MEN to the polished professional he's become," saysStephenson. "And WILDGUARD is Todd's chance to really display everythinghe's learned over the years as a writer and artist. As with books likeINVINCIBLE, ULTRA and NOBLE CAUSES, Todd's book is a totally fresh approachto the superhero genre, and its success has proven once again that readersare ready for something that really stands out from the crowd."

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