Todd Nauck's "Wildguard" Goes Weekly

Official Press Release

Costa Mesa, CA -- 3 June, 2004 - Comic book creator, Todd Nauck has announced the release of weekly online strips starring his Image Comics super team, WildGuard.

After the success of WildGuard: Casting Call, Nauck has already begun work on a follow up one-shot. In the meantime, he has made weekly online strips available to bridge the gap between the first mini and upcoming WildGuard stories.

"I wanted to give the fans and readers more insight to the WildGuard universe", Nauck says. "The strips pick up where Casting Call left off and sets up future plot lines", Nauck added. By producing these weekly strips, Nauck can continue to allow fans access to WildGuard, while he works on other comic book projects.

The online strips, as well as the upcoming one-shot, are completely produced by Nauck. This is his first time to write, draw, ink, letter, and color an entire project. "I have learned a lot and grown as an artist and writer just from the first mini-series," stated Nauck, "but now that I've taken on inking, lettering and coloring, I have an all new respect for those jobs. I'm really enjoying seeing these WildGuard projects come together throughout the entire creative process."

The WildGuard Weekly Online Strips begin this Saturday, June 5th. They can be viewed at http://www.wildguard.com/forum. The WildGuard: Casting Call mini-series is still available through www.wildguard.com/store. The WildGuard one-shot will be solicited later this year.

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