Todd McFarlane Wanted One Thing In The Venom Film - But Did He Get It?

At the end of the first day of 2018's New York Comic Con, CBR had the opportunity to sit down with the infectiously energetic and ever-effervescent Todd McFarlane (creator of Spawn, co-creator of the Venom character) to get his thoughts on his projects, past, present and future.

Over the course of our interview, topics ranged from his upcoming feature directorial debut of the Blumhouse-produced Spawn film, starring Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner, to exactly how he would direct his own Fantastic Four movie.

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Perhaps most intriguing, however, was when McFarlane revealed his personal take on Venom, which is currently in theaters. Obviously he had a lot to say about the film after attending its Hollywood premiere, but what was the one thing he absolutely wanted to see in it?

“Selfishly, if I was only looking for one thing. I just thought… ‘I hope he’s big!’"

“When I helped create Venom artistically 30 years ago, he was big and imposing," McFarlane elaborated. "When you saw him, you thought there was no way Spider-Man was going to beat him physically. That was the entire concept behind Venom. If I made him as big as a house, and Spider-Man is still just this little twig, there’s no way he’s gonna win. To me, that makes for a much more interesting story.

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“So [in the film], I just wanted to see the physicality of Venom, because it opens up the question of, ‘How do I defeat this creature?’ That’s what was wrong with the Venom in Spider-Man 3, I thought; he wasn’t very threatening. Venom should always look like a problem. That was my one box, and they checked it!”

This revelation is perhaps not surprising from the man who established the iconically large and intimidating look of one of Spider-Man’s arguably most famous enemies. Thus, at least aesthetically, the on-screen Venom has his co-creator’s firm seal of approval.

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McFarlane went on to discuss fun "what if" conversations with both Venom director, Ruben Fleischer, and the head of Sony, Thomas Rothman, about whether Venom and Spawn could ever team up in a movie, a possibility the creator has spoken about with CBR previously. Though McFarlane admits to his chats with Fleischer and Rothman are simply “the speculative chatter that makes the Internet a fun place,” he did say those conversations would continue if he has anything to say about it.

To check out CBR's full conversation with McFarlane in its entirety, keep your eyes peeled for our video interview shortly after New York Comic Con wraps!

Venom, starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed and Woody Harrelson, is now showing in theaters.

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