Todd McFarlane Reveals Spawn Was Originally Going to Come from Space


Most comics fans know that Todd McFarlane's iconic character made his full debut in 1992's Spawn #1, one of the first wave of titles from Image Comics. However, they not be aware the antihero's roots can be found in sketches the artist drew in his youth, and that this early version of Spawn had a very different origin.

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Reposting a recognizable pre-Spawn sketch on his Facebook page, McFarlane revealed he originally conceived Spawn as coming from another world. "When I first created Spawn as a kid, it was more of a sci-fi story," he wrote. "To me... sci-fi means space. Space is cold. Cold is BLUE."

"Many years later, when [revamping the original Spawn concept for Image Comics] I pulled out my portfolio, I decided to make Spawn from the pit of HELL!" McFarlane continued. "Hell is HOT so I played around with the colors and ended up with the Spawn you see today. Imaging [sic] what the story would've looked like if Spawn looked to the stars or CAME from them..."

Such a move would have changed the Spawn's mythos completely. It's almost impossible to guess how the character might have evolved differently over the years if he had links to space, rather than Hell.

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