Todd McFarlane Responds to Drake-Inspired Twitter Hack

Todd McFarlane's approximately 608,00 Twitter followers have noticed some unusual tweets from the "Spawn" creator over the past day: Lyrics from rap superstar Drake and assertions that Tupac Shakur is in fact alive.

tupac is alive

- Todd McFarlane (@Todd_McFarlane) September 18, 2015

Clearly, McFarlane's Twitter has been hacked, but it appears he's been unable to resolve the problem in the past 24 hours, as a stream of unusual tweets remain on his account, including ones using racial slurs. McFarlane has responded by posting a video on his Facebook having some fun with the situation -- with a Drake picture taped to his t-shirt and a reminder that, like his fellow Canadian, he also started from the bottom -- while also making it clear that "some of the words that are being used are not what I would use" and "tasteless," along with a reminder to the unknown perpetrator that hacking is illegal -- and not a very nice thing to do.

DEAR HACKER,If you wanted something from me (other than my TWITTER account)... you could have just asked. You know, by sending me an email or even Tweeting at me (you know my password)! I do have some pretty cool stuff I could've traded (like the beloved YOGA CATS calendar).But... I WILL FIND YOU (in between my deadlines) because hacking is ILLEGAL... and just not a very nice thing to do.Sincerely, TODD

Posted by Todd McFarlane on Friday, September 18, 2015

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