Todd McFarlane Knows How, But Not When, Spawn Will End

In 1992, Todd McFarlane introduced Al Simmons to the world in his Spawn comic series. The comic book series has run for almost three full decades, and creator Todd McFarlane still has a lot more planned for Spawn and his world.

McFarlane met with Ted Adams, co-founder and CEO of IDW Publishing, for a two-part interview in which they discussed everything from the importance of art to McFarlane's extensive career. When the subject shifted to Spawn, McFarlane explained his vision for it and how even now -- after more than 300 issues -- there's more than enough story to last. "After 301 issues I only feel like I’ve told half my stories, I’ve got another three hundred in my head!" he said.

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That being said, McFarlane also made it clear that, should the need the arise, he knows exactly how the story of Al Simmons will come to an end. Of course, the award-winning comic book creator offered no details on that ending and said only, "I have the last issue of Spawn in my head, I do. I hope I don't have to write it because the only reason you would write it, is because the world doesn't want to see your character anymore, so it's time to put them to bed."

The long-running series has bred several spinoff miniseries, such as the three-issue Violator series, Angela and Sam & Twitch. McFarlane is also currently developing a new animated Spawn series -- unrelated to the HBO series that ran from 1997 to 1999 -- as well as a live-action film adaptation.

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