McFarlane Shares Very First Spawn Art - From 1977

As legend goes, Todd McFarlane devised his most infamous creation, Spawn, at a very early age. Now, the revered writer-artist has shared the very first image he drew of the famous Image Comics creation, which he created at the age of 16, in 1977.

Though the character, as McFarlane notes, is noticeably blue in this early image, for the most part, the character looks uncannily similar to what he would become in the pages of 1992's Spawn #1. Interestingly, McFarlane reveals he initially intended the character to be from space until, of course, ultimately deciding on making him a creature born from Hell.

Take a look at McFarlane's early Spawn drawing, which he posted to Facebook, below.

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Spawn #1 was published in May 1992. The series recounts the story of Albert Francis Simmons, a CIA operative who is recruited into the shadowy world of covert operations. Simmons is murdered by one of his squad mates on a mission and is sent to Hell because of his murderous life choices. In Hell, Simmons is contracted by the demonic Malebolgia to become a Hellspawn, the foot troops of the fiery dimension.

A Spawn movie, written and directed by McFarlane for Blumhouse Productions, is currently in development. No casting announcements have been made for the project.

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