Todd McFarlane dusts off very first Spawn promo art

Todd McFarlane frequently uses his Facebook page to inspire fans with lessons he's learned in his own life, and his latest post is little different -- except that it features the first piece of Spawn promo art, drawn on the day he left Marvel in 1991.

"When I left Marvel ... I JUMPED OFF THE CLIFF into the unknown to start Image Comics and then McFarlane Toys," he writes. "But I knew in that by following my heart, I would be a better husband and father. No amount of money could be buy me that!!!

"I drew this Spawn promo piece the very same day I quit Marvel. This was the FIRST full-fledged Spawn promo piece and the very FIRST piece that was ever printed for the PUBLIC with Spawn on it. Moral of the story ... follow your passions, good people."

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