Todd Klein gives a master's class in lettering on latest print

Letterer and designer Todd Klein has been making his way through the alphabet for the past few years in a series of art prints he sells on his website. For each print, he's teamed with a different writer or artist, including Steve Rude, Shawn McManus, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Bill Willingham and Dave Gibbons, with each print focusing on a particular letter of the alphabet.

For the "K" print, which went on sale Tuesday, he opted to go it alone.

"The alphabetical series of prints that I’ve been doing since 2007 had reached the letter K, and it seemed appropriate for me to reserve this one for myself alone, rather than team with another creator, as I had for the previous ten prints in the series (letters A to J)," Klein wrote on his blog. "While thinking about that, I also realized this year was the twentieth anniversary of my very first signed print, 'A Lettering Sampler,' created in 1993. I decided I would try to come up with a new print about lettering to become a companion piece to that one. I went through lists of words beginning with K, and settled on KNOWLEDGE as the one that would be prominent in the title. I thought Klein should also be in there, and settled on the complete title, 'Klein’s Compendium of Calligraphic Knowledge.' Yes, I could have spelled Compendium and Calligraphic with initial letters K, but that was too cute for my taste. Reading it aloud, it has a nice alliteration anyway."

Like the other prints in the series, it’s 11 by 17 inches, printed in black on sturdy card stock, and each print has hand-painted Indian Red watercolor on the title. Every print is signed in a similar red color. The edition is 300 copies, and sells for $16 plus shipping.

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