Todd Klein designs dapper cover for Return of the Dapper Men

We already know that Todd Klein is an award-winning letterer for all sorts of comics, and if you've been following along, you also know that he's worked with various writers and artists to design some really awesome prints. So it's no surprise that he designed the cover for writer Jim McCann and artist Janet Lee's upcoming graphic novel, Return of the Dapper Men. The book is due from Archaia in November.

“Having a master designer like Todd Klein on board Team Dapper is a great honor,” said Archaia Editor-in-Chief Stephen Christy in a press release. “I’ve been talking for months about how special this book is, and how much fun it is as an editor to be working on a fairy tale entirely unlike anything seen in comics before. With Todd joining creators Jim McCann and Janet Lee as we bring Dapper down the homestretch to publication, I can promise readers that this is one of those instances where the quality and artistry of this book lives up to the hype!”

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