Todd Dezago Announces "Tellos" Compendium Edition

In the latest PIPELINE PODCAST, writer Todd Dezago revealed to CBR's Augie De Blieck that he's working with Image Comics to produce a complete hardcover edition of "Tellos," the cult and fan favorite series by Dezago and artist Mike Wieringo.

"Image [Comics] is way behind it and trying to make sure everything comes out as beautiful as possible," Dezago said.

Originally published by Image in the 1990s, the fantasy/adventure title was praised highly by virtually everyone who read it, and it's since gone on to become one of the more sought-after out-of-print works in recent years. The new hardcover, which is expected to ship in April or May of this year, will be in the Image Comics "omnibus" format previously seen with the publisher's "Invincible" and "Walking Dead" hardcovers.

"The artwork is just stunning," gushed Dezago. "I can sit here and say that without feeling like I'm bragging too much because I had nothing to do with it. Mike did some of the best work ever. You can see his love for it and his passion for the characters in it."

The new edition features every "Tellos" work created by the Dezago/Wieringo team, including all ten issues of the original series, two 10-page side-stories and an additional 5-page supplement that appeared elsewhere in "Tellos'" short run. Dezago mentioned that the door is open for the remaining "Tellos" material, which was illustrated by other artists, to be collected at a later date. In the meantime, Dezago has reunited with Wieringo for an original graphic novel they expect to have completed next year.

To listen to Augie's full interview with Todd Dezago, check out this week's Pipeline Podcast by downloading the file directly or by subscribing to the podcast.

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