Today is Hourly Comic Day!

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Joe Decie starts his hourly comics in the wee hours[/caption]

Feb. 1 is Hourly Comic Day, one of those Internet holidays that people sort of make their own. There used to be a website for it, but it seems to have been taken over by spam. Instead, we have hashtags on Twitter and Tumblr for those who want to follow along in real time.

The idea is simple: Stop every hour to draw a comic about what happened in the previous 60 minutes. John Campbell, creator of the webcomic Pictures for Sad Children, seems to have originated the idea, and the first Hourly Comic Day was launched  in 2006 on the Ten Cent Ticker forum (which has an archive of the past 10 years' worth of comics, in case you can't wait for everyone else to wake up and start drawing).

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